Any topic of interest to learners while doing the course could be taken up as a project. The Research Project can be from primary or secondary source data. In consultation with the guide (guide can be either academic counselor or any other supervisor, subject to the approval by the Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU, New Delhi) the learner should select a topic and work on it. Project proposal has to be prepared by the learner in consultation with the academic counsellor and the same has to be submitted to the Programme Coordinator (MAPC), School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi. The final project report/dissertation is to be submitted in proper format (given in
the Handbook on Project) at the concerned study centre only.

Note : The Term-End Examination (TEE) for Practicum Courses will be held at the respective Study Centres. The TEE (viva-voce) for Internship and Project will be held at the concerned Regional Centre. Completion of MPC-005 and MPC-006 (MAPC Part I) is pre-requisite before starting MPCE-016.

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